Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What I'm reading: Chew

Yup, it's about food. Sort of. It also rhymes with Jew. So, bonus points. And it's a comic book. That's my Trifecta. It called Chew and it is nice and twisted.

It's up to book 15, so you might have some catching up to do. It's about detective Tony Chu, a hard bitten chap with a strange talent. He's a cibopath. Yes, it's a made up word, but it is cromulent. He can 'read' things he eats. He gets the psychic impressions from everything that happened to what ever he bites into. The other major twist in the story is the world it is set in. Avian flu has killed 23 million people and chicken is illegal. America has become a police state with the FDA and USDA become militarized police forces and they're out to stomp out anybody trying to eat or cultivate chicken.
The art is quirky, the story compelling and characters well fleshed out. Scenes move quickly from the FDA offices to seedy docks and then a tropical island paradise.
It's published by Image comics, written by John Layman with art by Rob Guillory.
I'd score it 6 out of 7 Sterankos on the comic book coolness scale. 

More here: The Official Blog
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