Monday, December 27, 2010

The Great MST3K Tweetup of 2011

After some discussions on Twitter I've decided to try and organize a massive synchronized online Mystery Science Theater 3000 Festival.There are a few episodes now on Hulu and it's sort of available via the Digital Archive Project.  I was thinking around 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST/9:00 PM IST. If you're interested in participating, leave a comment, or email me, or drop me a note on Twitter or even Facebook. Bring you snark and Chinese food. I'll be posting a Kettle Corn recipe so we can all eat the same thing too.
First Update: There's an official Facebook Event. Yes. Official! RSVP!
Second Update: Proper shout out to @Fireballil for twittering about MST3K and giving me the idea.
Another Update: The Episodes on Hulu are:
1. Horrors of Spider Island
2. The Starfighters
3. Secret Agent Super Dragon
4. Monster A-Go-Go
5. The Rebel Set
6. The Giant Gila Monster
7. Ring of Terror
If anyone has a preference leave it in the comments!

UPDATE: Unless anyone has another opinion, we'll go with Horrors of Spider Island. 2 PM Eastern Time, 11 AM Pacific. Y'all can do the math!


  1. Ooh....kettle corn! I'm in!

  2. What's your twitter name? I want in! WARCHICK

  3. @Rbp7Ooz I will phone it in!

  4. SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS! -The absolute FUNNIEST MST3K EVER!!! Bring it on!!!! LMAO!!! Too bad though - doesn't look like it's available online for free. ;-( Somebody DID put it on YouTube in 10 parts. LOL!

  5. Spider Island is my absolute favorite episode of all time - but it's not for everyone. It's extraordinarily (the movie) degrading to women. It's about a bunch of dancers that run around in their underwear and don't actually see any spiders. It's hilarious, but not for everyone.

    Giant Gila Monster is my second choice. Another excellent episode.

  6. I will try. Church is at 10:30 am. MST - 12:00 pm.