Monday, December 20, 2010

Chicken for People Who Burn Water

I have my mother in law to thank for this recipe. Not that she needs to use it, since she's an awesome cook. Also she reads this blog so I will reiterate that the food she makes is universally delicious. This one is mindlessly easy. I give it out to friends whose wives have just given birth and have to be home with the kids and actually need to serve a meal. It's also easy to tweak if you want to change the flavors a bit.

1 whole chicken
4 potatoes
1/4 cup Soy Sauce
2 Tbsp honey
5 peeled garlic cloves
4 shallots or one onion quartered
1 roasting bag

As I said, it's pretty simple. You cut up the potatoes into wedges.

Then put them in the bag.

Peel the Garlic. And into the bag.

 Shallots the same thing.

Add the honey and soy sauce.
Then stuff the chicken into the bag. Tie it off and shake it up, getting the honey and sauce all over everything.

 You can substitute wine instead of the soy sauce, but you'll need to put in a few teaspoons of salt to make sure it's well seasoned. Try adding a big sprig of rosemary or a teaspoon of dried oregano and basil to change it up. Also, ginger is a good addition.
Preheat your oven to 375F (175C). Put the bagged chicken on a baking tray, I like to line it with parchment to make cleanup easier. Poke a hole in the top of the bag to let steam escape. This is another recipe that you don't really need to worry about over cooking it, since it will stay moist. As a matter of fact, the longer it cooks the better. It should be ready after about an hour and a half, but give it an extra hour and the meat will melt in your mouth. The garlic and potatoes will be able to be used as a spread. We were a bit rushed this time, so the shallots weren't as soft as I would have liked.

The kids and guests finished it up right quick though. Really, this is a total no brainer. Even JayZ can make it.

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