Monday, December 20, 2010


The folks who follow me on Twitter know that I'm quite the music fan, mostly Punk, Ska and 80s stuff. That said, my favorite genre, if you can actually call it that, is cover music. Which isn't really a genre, since it can be any style. I probably have a hundred or more cover albums and collections. It's really a wonderful way to ease into new music, since there is something familiar there. Either the original song or the band might be known and then they give you something new that you hadn't heard before and use that as a diving board into something else. As a matter of fact, this is the main way I find new bands and even musical styles. My main source for cover songs these days? The one and only Brian Ibbot and his Coverville podcast. I'm bringing this up now since it's an excellent time to check Coverville out. Two reasons for that, the first is that it's the end of the year and Brian has his Coverville countdown, where he plays the top 50 covers of the year voted on by the listeners. The other reason is another project Brian has been working on. Every year he tries to put out a tribute album of songs supplied by Independent artists for inclusion in a the Coverville Open Mic project. This year it's a tribute to one of my all time favorite bands, the Talking Heads.  It's available as a free download from the blog with covers of some of the bands greatest songs, from Psycho Killer to Once in a Lifetime. Check it out, Check it outters!

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