Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Great MST3K Tweetup of 2011 Part V: Something about Puma Man

Ok, here it is, MST3K Puma Man for your viewing pleasure.
It should flow smoothly from one bit to the next. We're trying something new here, so there may be bugs. Hopefully we won't run into the problems that we've seen with Hulu.
We'll plan to start the actual view at 5 minutes past the hour, so when you're on and ready, say hi and then we'll all hit play together.
The hashtag will be #MST3KPumaMan so set yourself up a column for following along.
If you're using Tweetdeck or HootSuite adding a column to watch is the easiest way to watch. If you're using the web interface open a second window (not a tab) and keep them side by side to tweet along.
Mobile Link

I hope you enjoy the show and have fun on Twitter doing it!

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  1. Anonymous10:49:00 PM

    fantastic. great time was had by all. even the minorities present.