Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Great MST3K Tweetup of 2011 Part III: The Bride of MST3K Twitterfest

Ok, we're starting up again getting ready for the next Twitterfest. It's the same routine as last time. We're getting together at the appointed time, 2PM EST/11AM EST/9PM Israel.
Currently we're considering watching Monster A-Go-Go or Secret Agent Super Dragon.
As usual we'll set up the hashtag depending on the movie we decide on.
Watch this space for more info!
Currently the consensus Secret Agent Super Dragon! So, the Hashtag we'll be using is #MST3KSuperDragon.
I'll post the Hulu link later in the day. If anyone is having a problem with Hulu contact me and I'll hook them up
with something else. 
Ok, here's the link to the video on Hulu. I've been told it is also available on Netflix instant streaming.
You should start streaming it a couple minutes before the hour to get through the pre-roll ads and make sure it's all buffered.

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